Today in French venture capital: Donecle, Boxtal, Tribe

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Boxtal: Located in Paris, this company (formerly ‘Envoimoincher’) was founded seven years ago to help small businesses make deliveries so they can compete in e-commerce. The company changed its name in September as it seeks to take a more international approach. Boxtal said it raised $7.7 millionfrom Idinvest Partners, Ecomobility Ventures and CapHorn Invest.

(Read more at Frenchweb)

Donecle: This Toulouse-based drone startup announced it has raised $1.1 million from DDrone Invest. Donecle, founded by four former Airbus and Thales executives, is located in the region’s IOT Valley. The company uses drones to automate aircraft inspections.

Tribe: One can debate whether this San Francisco-based video messaging startup is French or not. Its founders and dev team are French, but the company has been in Silicon Valley from the start. Whatever you call them, the company has the eye of investors who just wrote them a $3 million check. This seed round was led by Sequoia Capital and included Ludlow Ventures, Partech Ventures, and Kima Ventures. (Read more on VentureBeat here) The announcement coincided with the launch of Tribe 2.0, which offers augmented reality messaging.

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