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About Us

The French Tech Journal is the definitive English-language guide to France’s dynamic tech scene. Through our news analysis, features, and a special focus on early-stage investing, we unravel the complexities of an ecosystem that can often feel puzzling to outsiders.

The French Tech Journal publishes 2 newsletters:

  • French Tech News: A general newsletter that includes a deeply reported feature or investigative story, a Q&A that sheds light on an important aspect of France’s innovation economy, and a roundup of top news stories and deals.
  • Seed Scout: This edition will focus on early-stage news, including an in-depth feature on a company that has raised a Seed Round, an investor profile, a Sector Deep Dive report, and a curated list of early-stage fundings.

The newsletters are free, but full access to all of the main articles on the website (Deep Dive, Spotlight Interview, Seed Of The Week, Investor Profile) as well as the archives are reserved for paid subscribers.

To support our work and get an insider's look into France's tech evolution that includes unique insights and exclusive interviews, subscribe now for €15/mo or €150/yr for full access.

Chris O'Brien, Founder and Editor

Before relocating to France in 2014, O’Brien spent 15 years covering Silicon Valley for the Los Angeles Times and The San Jose Mercury. His arrival in France coincided with the rise of an entrepreneurial movement that has catapulted the nation into the top ranks of European startup hubs. 

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Helen O'Reilly-Durand, Co-Founder and Deputy Editor

O’Reilly-Durand is a Franco-British Communications & PR expert. She brings a wealth of experience with founders and investors that includes advising startups at a prominent European VC and working with SMEs at France’s Ministry of the Economy and Finance.

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Connecting French Tech With International Readers

The French Tech ecosystem has undergone a profound transformation over the past decade. A nation that barely registered on the startup radar, that was often dismissed as too slow or too resistant to change, has reinvented its entrepreneurial and innovation culture and catapulted itself to among the top ranks in Europe.

While the French media has made big strides in covering this dynamic, the reality is that these stories aren't being read widely outside of France. To remedy that, we're building a media company that focuses on creating more English-language content that tells some of the most interesting tales about startups and entrepreneurs in France, while also decrypting how things work in France. There have been big strides in making it easier to start and build a company here, but it can still seem daunting for those outside of France to understand the nuances.

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