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🔥Hot Seed Deals: Skynopy, Yumgo, Tengo & More!

Also inside: Olyzon, APREX Solutions, Midipile Mobility,, Morfo, Reyouzz, and Net Carbon.

Co-founders Rodolphe Landemaine & Anne Vincent

What: Yumgo, a designer and manufacturer of egg replacements: alternatives to whole eggs, egg yolks, and egg whites.

Why: To provide an allergen-free alternative to eggs that offers similar culinary performance and taste as eggs, and has a 70% lower carbon footprint than conventional eggs. The product range includes liquid and powder formats and, since late 2023, the first egg-free mayonnaise.

Funding: €3 million
Who: Co-founders Rodolphe Landemaine & Anne Vincent

Investors: Blast.Club, Bpifrance Amorçage Industriel, 50 Partners & various Business Angels

What's next: The new funding will be used to develop its marketing and sales to increase brand awareness, optimize its industrial production of liquid and powder ranges, fuel its R&D, and launch new products.

Skynopy | LinkedIn
Skynopy raises funds for scalable ground station network - SpaceNews
Co-founders Pierre Bertrand (CEO) & Antonin Hirsch (CTO)

What: Skynopy, a provider of end-to-end connectivity solutions for satellite operators to communicate with their satellites in Low-Earth Orbit.

Why: To modernize satellite communications by making them more efficient and less costly.

Funding: €3.1 million
Who: Co-founders are Pierre Bertrand & Antonin Hirsch

Investors: Heartcore, Kima Ventures, Better Angle, Bpifrance & various Business Angels

What's next: This first funding round will enable the French space startup to develop its turnkey connectivity service for low Earth orbit satellite operators, thereby meeting the growing demands of the rapidly expanding space industry.

Tengo team (left to right): Hugues Renout, Xavier, Charlotte Vermandel, Kenza Yahiaoui, and Yoann Gauthier.

What: Tengo, a SaaS platform that helps businesses win more public tenders.

Why: To enable more businesses to tap into opportunities in the public procurement market.

Funding: €3 million
Who: Co-founders Hugues Renou & Yoann Gauthier

Investors: Point Nine

What's next: The fresh cash will allow Tengo to make the public tender market more accessible to all businesses by accelerating the integration of AI into its product with AI-powered response assistance features (currently being tested by clients).

What: Olyzon, a SaaS specializing in monetizing content on connected TV (CTV).

Why: To help advertisers, content owners, and distributors enhance brand uplift, optimize user engagement, and maximize return on advertising spend.

Funding: €3 million
Who: Co-founders Jules Minvielle, Mathieu Desvé & Martin Danet

Investors: Eurazeo, Ventech, Kima Ventures, and 50 business angels, including Ben Antier (Publica), Mathieu Azorin (Storetail), Ionut Ciobotaru (Pubnative), Better Angle, Rémi Lemonnier and Julien Hirth (Scibids), and Romain Job (Equativ).

What's next: The funding will be used to invest in the development of new advertising formats, enhance its contextual and emotional targeting capabilities, and optimize user experience with advanced AI-driven algorithms.

What: APREX Solutions, an industrial startup specializing in industrial vision and image analysis.

Why: To meet the needs for optimization and automation of quality control operations and monitoring of manufacturing processes in the industry

Funding: €2.1 million
Who: Co-founders Romain Baude & Mikaël Desecures

Investors: Yeast, Hand Partners, Groupe Mermoz, PBA, Bpifrance, BPALC, CIC & BNP Paribas

What's next: The new funding will go towards accelerating the startup's commercial development and territorial coverage in France and Europe.

What: Midipile Mobility, a B2B subscription-based electric vehicle mobility service for last-mile delivery.

Why: To enable logistics professionals to deliver more and faster in saturated urban areas.

Funding: €2 million
Who: Co-founders Benoit Trouve & Ehouarn Cotonea

Investors: Team for the Planet, Arts et Métiers Business Angels, WeLike, Chaudronnerie Lespinasse, Club Midipile

What's next: The new funding will go towards industrializing the startup's pedal and solar-powered vehicule.

Who: is a SaaS platform that uses AI to generate web pages that are optimized and personalized for each visitor.

Why: To increase sales and conversation rates for businesses.

Funding: €1.2 million

Who: Co-founders Vincent Oliveira and Alexandre Farhat

Investors: Tomcat Invest, Sharpstone Capital, Sphère Ventures, Business Angels

What's Next: Webyn just completed the acceleration program at Tomcat Factory and is now targeting the French market, then Europe, before a global expansion. The money will be used for R&D and to expand marketing.

What: Morfo is using local seeds, biological symbioses, drones, and artificial intelligence to catalyze reforestation and fight global warming.

Why: To restore 100 million hectares of forests by 2050.

Funding: €4.0m angel round extension.

Who: Co-Founders Hugo Asselin, Pascal Asselin, and Adrien Pagès.

Investors: French footballers Antoine Dupont and Raphaël Varane

What's Next: Morfo will accelerate development and open a new lab in Rio. The startup has already launched around 20 in French Guyane and Gabon. Morfo s'appuie sur des drones pour restaurer 100 millions d'hectares de forêts d'ici 2050.

Reyouzz | Viva Technology ☆

What: Reyouzz, an inventor of connected, automated used object terminals for the recycling and repurposing of household appliances.

Why: To simplify the recovery and refurbishment of electronic devices, from smartphones to household appliances and computers.

Funding: €1.5 million

Who: Co-Founders Romain Deffrenne & Clément Sanchez

Investors: Various Business Angels

What's Next: The fresh cash will go towards supporting the deployment of its used object collection terminals within mass retail stores.

Netcarbon, See the Carbon, Change the Climate

What: Netcarbon, a SaaS platform using satellite imagery and artificial intelligence to monitor soil conditions and recommend the most effective soil management practices to help capture carbon through for ex, the planting of cover crops and hedgerows.

Why: To optimize carbon capture by maximizing land use efficiency for carbon storage, ecosystem restoration, and biodiversity promotion.

Funding: €1 million

Who: Co-Founders Adrien Mazeau et Basile Goussard

Investors: 4Elements, Bpifrance

What's Next: The funding round will enable the startup to expand its sales teams and enhance its platform capabilities, aiming to quickly scale nationally and later across Europe.