Interview: Fleur Pellerin of Korelya Capital at France Digitale Day

As Digital Minister, she created La French Tech Mission. Now she's trying to get European entrepreneurs to look east for opportunities.

9 days ago   •   1 min read

By Chris O'Brien

Korelya Capital CEO Fleur Pellerin created La French Mission in 2013 when she was Digital Economy Minister of France. With Korelya, she's focused on building bridges for entrepreneurs between Europe and Asia. (For a deep dive on her amazing life story, see my profile for Sifted.) Ethan Pierse and I caught up with her at France Digitale Day.

1. Welcome 00:00

2. Intro to Korelya Capital 00:32

3. Asian opportunities for European entrepreneurs 2:22

4. Cultural and business considerations on entering Asian markets 3:48

5. Growth capital (finally) comes to Europe 6:48

6. Is private equity a rival or partner to venture capital 8:57

7. $1.5B of investments in Mirakl, Sorare, and Vestiaire Collective announced in just one day 10:02

8. Fleur Pellerin speaking on Values ESG, Social Impact, Governance at France Digitale Day 11:03

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