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Seed Of The Week: Crew

Crew raised $2.3m for its talent recruiting platform that helps companies automate outreach to potential hires.

The Crew crew
The Crew crew

What: Crew has developed a talent recruiting platform to help companies automate outreach to potential hires. The SaaS tool operates like Customer Relationship Management tool, except they call it "Candidate Relationship Management." Rather than waiting for candidates to contact the company, the Crew platform helps identify and contact relevant recruits. Features allow a wide range of departments beyond HR to participate in the process and monitor progress. By creating a more transparent system and workflow for attracting employees, Crew wants to allow for more internal collaboration and greater efficiency.

Why: While online hiring reshaped recruiting almost two decades ago, the tools have not evolved enough, according to Crew's founders. Because competition for talent has become more intense, companies can't afford to passively wait for candidates to emerge or contact them. Companies are now recognizing the need to look beyond job boards when sourcing candidates and are increasingly seeking candidates in an outbound fashion. By involving the whole company in the process and adding a layer of automation, Crew believes it can help companies surface the right talent before they are scooped up by competitors.

Who: Co-founders are Amine Skalli, Mohamed Labouardy, and Ruben Gueunoun, who connected via Hexa's eFounders Startup Studio for SaaS companies.

Seed: $2.3 million

Investors: Rebel, Secret, and Kima led the round, which also included money from Paul Forster co-founder of Indeed; Nicolas Marchais, VP of Sales at Spendesk; Sam Edelson, ex-Director of Product at Airbnb; Christian Reber, co-founder of Pitch, Superlist; Behzod Sirjani of Slack & Reforge; Nick Caldwell, former VP Engineering at Twitter & Hubspot; and Olivier Bonnet, CTO at BlaBlaCar.

What's Next: Crew came out of eFounders in September 2020, and went through  Y Combinator. The startup has 100 companies using the product with 100,000 potential recruits now in their databases, including 800 who have actually been hired for jobs. The company will use the money to continue developing the product and expand marketing.