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Getting Emotional: How AB Tasty Wants To Personalize Digital Experiences

Co-founder and Co-CEO Alix de Sagazan says its AI-driven tool that detects users' emotions, a solid financial foundation, and a focus on people have the company ready to accelerate at a time when many French tech startups are stalling.

AB Tasty Co-Founder and Co-CEO Alix de Sagazan speaking at a customer event.
AB Tasty Co-Founder and Co-CEO Alix de Sagazan speaking at a customer event. Photo courtesy of AB Tasty.

After almost 12 years, AB Tasty decided it was time to give itself a fresh coat of paint. The French startup recently unveiled a new brand identity to reflect the evolution of its business from optimization to personalization.

Beyond just a new look and feel, the makeover comes as the company and its 300 employees appear to be shifting to a higher gear. During a recent visit to the company's Paris offices, New York-based CEO and Co-founder Alix de Sagazan said the company is now profitable, experienced 35% year-over-year growth over 3 quarters in 2023, and signed some big-name clients such as Puma and Audi to compliment a roster that already includes L'Oreal and Disney.

The acceleration of its business has been boosted by two key acquisitions, including an AI-driven emotional targeting tool. The company now plans to leverage its position of relative financial strength to seek out more acquisition targets that could enhance its personalization capabilities. The goal is to allow its customers to improve their ability to experiment and collaborate.

At a moment when the ebb tide of the recent funding frenzy is revealing the business model weakness of many French startups, AB Tasty’s co-founder believes that its steady approach to building an international business has placed the company on a much more solid foundation.

“Sometimes, the problem with raising too much money is that you focus a lot of the business on hiring a lot of people. And when you do that, you can lose a little bit of your soul,” de Sagazan said. “For the past two years, we’ve been focused on our customers and that has created more sustainable growth.”

AB Tasty Co-Founder and Co-CEO Alix de Sagazan. Photo courtesy of AB Tasty.

A Better Web

Co-founders and Co-CEOs de Sagazan (NYC) and Rémi Aubert (based in Paris) first began working together in 2009 when they created a web agency. As they realized their clients lacked the tools needed to analyze the impact of different possible design choices, their project evolved into the earliest versions of building the SaaS platform that became AB Tasty in 2012.

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