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The Big Deals 💣: Aqemia, Latitude, Greenerwave, Kinvent & More

AI continues to make investors swoon, but Defense Tech and Space Tech also make their case.

From left to right Co-founders: Emmanuelle Martiano-Rolland (COO) & Maximilien Levesque (CEO)
From left to right Co-founders: Emmanuelle Martiano-Rolland (COO) & Maximilien Levesque (CEO)

What: Aqemia is a drug discovery pharmatech.

Why: To rapidly design innovative drug candidates for dozens of critical diseases using AI and quantum-inspired physics.

Funding: €30 million (Series A extension)
Who: Co-Founders are Emmanuelle Martiano-Rolland & Maximilien Levesque

Investors: Wendel Growth, Bpifrance (Large Venture fund), Eurazeo & Elaia.

What's Next: The deep tech will leverage the new funding to accelerate the development of its proprietary pipeline of drug discovery projects and assets, with the latter already counting several projects being tested in animals, mostly in the fields of oncology and immunology-oncology. In December, the company announced a major research partnership with French pharmaceutical giant Sanofi valued at $140 million.

What: Latitude manufactures the Zephyr launch vehicle, a reusable space launcher.

Why: To provide small satellite operators with a fully dedicated launcher to reach the space data they want to access.

Funding: €27 million
Who: Co-Founders Stanislas Maximin & Ilan Saidi-Bekerman

Investors:, Crédit Mutuel Innovation, Expansion, UI Investissement, Audacia, DeepTech 2030, which is a France 2030 fund managed by Bpifrance.

What's Next: The funding will go towards financing the development, testing, and manufacturing of its Zephyr launch vehicle, and recruiting new talent.

What: Greenerwave, an industrial deeptech specializing in the control and orientation of electromagnetic waves.

Why: To drastically improve. the energy efficiency of equipment, making it more economical, environmentally friendly, and less dependent on semiconductors.

Funding: €15 million
Who: Co-Founders Geoffroy Lerosey & Mathias Fink

Investors: Fonds innovation défense (l’Agence de l’innovation de défense & Bpifrance), Safran Corporate Ventures, Intelsat, BNP Paribas Développement & Plastic Omnium.
What's Next: The new cash will be used to accelerate its growth, notably via the development of a sales department, and expand its product range.

What: Kinvent, a physiotherapy startup offering connected physiotherapy devices and services.

Why: To transform the practice of physiotherapists and fitness trainers through the collection and analysis of bio-mechanical data (force, balance, range of motion etc.).

Funding: €16 million
Who: Founder Athanase Kollias

Investors: Uni.Fund, Sofilaro, BADGE, Eurazeo & Business Angel/pro footballer Raphaël Varane
What's Next: The 3rd funding round will go towards Kinvent's international expansion and funding R&D projects.

What: Aldoria, a deeptech tracking company developing a space situational awareness system.

Why: To track debris and advise space operators on real-time collision threats.

Funding: €10 million
Who: Co-Founders Romain Lucken & Damien Giolito

Investors: Starquest, Bpifrance, Starquest, Audacia, EIC, Space Founders France, Wind Capital
What's Next: The new cash will be used to fuel the company's R&D and the development of new sensors.

What: Beedeez, a B2B training platform for field employees.

Why: To provide often neglected field workers with learning and development possibilities.

Funding: €8 million
Who: Co-Founders Julien Huelvan, Rémi Deh, Morgan Laupies

Investors: Arkéa Capital, Wille Finance, Swen Capital Partners

What's Next: This latest funding will enable the startup to maintain its status as a reference in field training, accelerate its R&D (particularly in AI for collaborative learning), and develop new pedagogical features.

What: Tryon Environment, a startup working on the micro-methanisation of biodegradable food waste

Why: To create compost and a renewable natural gas energy source.

Funding: €6 million
Who: Co-Founders Jimmy Colomies & Sebastien Gacougnolle

Investors: Eren Group, Ovive, Starquest Capital 

What's Next: The startup will fuel its expansion with the new funding and reinforce its teams.