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The Big Deals 💣 : Logivolt, Fluid Topics, Hive, And Iceberg Data Lab

Deep Tech, AI, Cloud, and Climate startups all get a boost from investors.

WAAT partenaire Logivolt

What: Logivolt, a financing solution for the installation of individual EV charging stations for collective residences and parking lots.

Why: To enable all French people with access to collective residential parking to equip themselves with an electric vehicle charging station.

Funding: €70 million
Who: CEO Pierre Eymard

Investors: La Banque des Territoires

What's Next: This latest funding round will enable Logivolt to further accelerate its activity to reduce dependence on fossil fuels by a third in the mobility sector by 2030.

Logivolt CEO Pierre Eymard
Logivolt CEO Pierre Eymard
Fluid Topics Reviews 2024: Details, Pricing, & Features | G2

What: Fluid Topics, an AI-powered content delivery SaaS platform for complex technical documentation.

Why: To make dense, technical documentation easier to navigate for maintenance and repair technicians by breaking it down and delivering it in a contextualized, simplified, and personalized manner through business applications and digital communication channels.

Funding: €15 million
Who: Founder & CEO Fabrice Lacroix

Investors: Kennet Partners, Ventech, and Crédit Mutuel Innovation
What's Next: The new cash will go towards strengthening Fluid Topics' position as a global market leader by hiring a US team and introducing AI in its customer support systems.

What: Hive, cloud distribution solutions for both businesses and individuals.

Why: To provide a concrete solution to the challenges posed by traditional cloud computing models by promising an independent, secure, and energy-efficient cloud that converts 70% of the unused capacity of devices worldwide into a global "supercomputer".

Funding: €12 million
Who: Founder & CEO David Gurlé

Investors: SC Ventures and OneRagtime, along with private investors.

What's Next: The startup will use the new cash to finance product development, strengthen its teams, and accelerate its international expansion by focusing on the needs of businesses, particularly startups and SMEs.

Iceberg Data Lab - Conférence Biodiversité

What: Iceberg Data Lab, a climate data startup.

Why: To measure and monitor environmental metrics and provide a holistic environmental life cycle analysis of portfolio companies for financial institutions.

Funding: €10 million
Who: Co-founders Mathieu Maurin & Pierre-Olivier Haye

Investors: BeringeaMAIF Avenir, AXA Investment Managers and existing investors

What's Next: The startup will be deployed into expanding IDL’s presence globally, focusing on key strategic markets, including the UK, developing the firm’s product pipeline, and investing in the latest technologies to enhance the data provider’s client solutions offering. ‌