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Hot seed deals 🔥: Adaptive ML, Moment, Avatar Medical, Composable Prompts, Agnostic, & More!

GenAI x 2, plus climate tech, XR for medtech, and foodtech.

Adaptive ML co-founders (l to r): Daniel Hesslow (Research Scientist), Axel Marmet (RL Wizard), Olivier Cruchant (Lead Technical Product Manager), Baptiste Pannier (CTO), Julien Launay (CEO), Alessandro Cappelli (Research Scientist).

What: Adaptive ML, a startup that wants to help companies more efficiently leverage insights gained from users of their GenAI to rapidly improve the models.

Why: To make the techniques and processes used by OpenAI to build ChatGPT available to enterprises and developers creating their own specific GenAI applications.

Funding: €20 million
Who: Co-founders are Daniel Hesslow (Research Scientist), Axel Marmet (RL Wizard), Olivier Cruchant (Lead Technical Product Manager), Baptiste Pannier (CTO), Julien Launay (CEO), Alessandro Cappelli (Research Scientist).

Investors: Index Ventures led the round which also included money from ICONIQ Capital, Motier Ventures, Databricks Ventures, IRIS, and HuggingFund by Factoria. Money also came from Business Angels, including Xavier Niel, Olivier Pomel ( Datadog ), Dylan Patel (SemiAnalysis), Tri Dao (FlashAttention), and Arthur Querou (Vibe).

What's next: Adaptive is officially based in New York City, but will use the funding for a Paris R&D center and to hire at least a dozen employees there.

Moment | LinkedIn

What: Moment, a startup that designs, manufactures, and markets a range of on-board Wi-Fi equipment and streaming platforms for airplanes, trains, and boats.

Why: To enhance the passenger experience, increase crew performance, and boost onboard revenues.

Funding: €5 million
Who: Co-founders Tanguy Morel and Michael Serres

Investors: Eiffel Investment Group

What's next: The new cash will allow Moment to accelerate its innovation programs, expand its presence in France, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East, and further develop its subsidiary, Moment Care, an entertainment platform for hospital patients.

Avatar Medical - French Healthcare Association

What: Avatar Medical, an XR medtech that transforms medical images into patient-specific 3D "avatars."

Why: To increase access to 3D medical imaging to redefine surgical consultations, simplify operative planning, and enhance patient satisfaction while providing young doctors with a useful and innovative training tool.

Funding: €5 million
Who: Co-founders Xavier Wartelle, Elodie Brient-Litzler, Mohamed El Beheir, Marie Buhot-Launay

Investors: GO Capital, Acorn Pacific Ventures, Plug and Play (US), Rives Croissance, Cenitz & 15 surgeons and radiologists

What's next: The new cash will allow the medtech to invest in its commercialization in the United States and Europe, and develop its product, AvatarCloud.

What: Composable Prompts, publisher of a GenAI platform facilitating the integration of LLMs into the work processes of major accounts, equipping them with governance, fine-grained security, collaboration and orchestration, and an innovative LLM virtualization engine.

Why: To remove friction and accelerate the nascent adoption of Large Language Models (LLMs) within the enterprise sector.

Funding: €3.7 million
Who: Founder Eric Barroca

Investors: Elaia, Illuminate Financial, Motier Ventures, Kima Ventures, m-ai club, Super Capital & several business angels.

What's next: The new cash will be used to launch the platform and accelerate its development.

What: Catalog, a SaaS solution enabling B2B companies to sell their products to other companies.

Why: To increase the efficacy of order management processes

Funding: €2.9 million
Who: Co-founders Julien Bellemare & Maxime Poitevineau-Millin

Investors: LocalGlobe, Kima Ventures, Motier Ventures, Helloworld & Business Angels

What's next: The capital will primarily be used to fasten product development and expand Catalog's footprint in the French market across a list of carefully selected industry verticals.

What: Elixir Health, an AI solution to support the care pathway from fertility to maternity

Why: To make the fertility journey easier for patients and administrative teams by simplifying coordination, showing patient progress, centralizing results, and allowing for secure communications between different parties thereby freeing up medical time.

Funding: €2 million
Who: Co-founders Elodie Chapel , Mathieu Dellenbach, Eliot Reilhac

Investors: Bpifrance (2030 program) & Business Angels Laurent Van Lerberghe (ex Sanofi) & Mathieu Masselin (Watercraft)

What's next: The new money will go towards accelerating the development of its fertility-focused algorithms and fueling the startup's European expansion.

What: Agnostic, a SaaS solution simplifying access to blockchain data compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

Why: To provide transparent and efficient access to blockchain data by simplifying and streamlining access to blockchain data, reducing complexity, lowering operational costs for decentralized applications (dApps), and shortening the development cycle for dApps.

Funding: €2 million
Who: Co-founders Didier Franc & Arnaud Briche

Investors: Kima Ventures, Blueyard Capital, Stake Capital, TRGC, Dominance Ventures & Incubator ATKA crypto

What's next: The funding will allow Agnostic to accelerate its development and deliver a complete solution that reduces the complexity of accessing blockchain data and operating costs for decentralized applications (dApps) while shortening their development cycles.

What: FoodFlow, a B2B restaurant supply platform providing restauranteurs with ultra-fast delivery services on a wide range of products (food, drinks, hygiene products etc.).

Why: To simplify restaurant owners' daily tasks allowing them to save time (1 hour + per day), reduce ecological impact, and fight against food waste.

Funding: €2 million
Who: Co-founders Pierre Colson, Matthieu Deroo, Félix Roubaud, Maxime Chauvin

Investors: Jeriko (operated by Techmind) & various business angels

What's next: The funding will be used to accelerate their geographic expansion.

What: Carbon Vert, a green tech that buys dormant new and used cardboard (in excellent condition) and resells them at competitive prices.

Why: To contribute to the decarbonization of the industry by changing the cardboard waste management system.

Funding: €1.4 million
Who: Co-founders Romain Dupuis and Antonin Hameury-Hao

Investors: Banque des Territoires (on behalf of France 2030), Obratori (L'Occitane Group investment vehicle), Impact Business Angels' network & companies Equipstore Packaging, Fininco, and SYBE Ingénierie

What's next: This fundraising will allow Carton Vert to expand its team to 20 by the end of H1 202, develop the sector in France, relocate to a new warehouse on the outskirts of La Rochelle, open a second warehouse in the East, and invest in R&D.