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🔥Hot Seed Deals: NcodiN, Hylé, Harvy, And More!

Also: Kotzilla and Araïko.

NcodiN co-founders (left to right): Fabrice Raineri, Francesco Manegatti, and Bruno Garbin.
NcodiN co-founders (left to right): Fabrice Raineri, Francesco Manegatti, and Bruno Garbin.

What: NcodiN is developing optical-based technology to dramatically speed communication between semiconductors, a method that should increase computing power for uses such as artificial intelligence.

Why: The company's nanolasers and nanodetectors will enable faster data transfer that should allow companies to scale up their supercomputing architectures.

Funding:  €3.5 million
Who: Co-Founders are CEO Francesco Manegatti, CSO Fabrice Raineri, and CTO Bruno Garbin.

Investors: Elaia, Earlybird, and OVNI Capital

What's next: Founded in 2023, NcodiN has participated in the Agoranov incubator and three accelerator programs: 21st by CentraleSupélec, Wilco, and Intel Ignite). The company will use the new cash to build its team and expand R&D.

What: Hylé is developing a blockchain-based platform to improve security for scalability and privacy.

Why: The protocol enables companies to verify the identity and authenticity of something without revealing sensitive information.

Funding: €2.4 million
Who: Co-Founders are Sylve Chevet and Lancelot de Ferrière le Vayer

Investors: Heartcore Capital, Frst, Nicolas Bacca, Fabric Ventures, StarkWare Industries, Framework Ventures, Robin Davids, Cherry Crypto, Batuhan Dasgin, Uma Roy, and Richard Yuen.

What's next: The startup will use the funding to launch its first version and recruit additional backend experts and protocol engineers.

Harvy - L'outil de mutualisation et de distribution pour les producteurs.

What: Harvy is a decentralized delivery application that helps agricultural producers organize their shipping and distribution to customers such as restaurants.

Why: Producers can eliminate the need for third-party intermediaries whose fees can make it hard to earn a profit on agricultural products. By creating a shared system controlled by farmers, the application should allow them to reach new customers and improve their bottom line.

Funding: €1 million
Who: Co-Founders are Louis Debusschere and James Terrien, who met via the Antler program in Paris.

Investors: Antler, Cedar, Getplace, Tivoli Capital, FBFC Family Office

What's next: The funding will be used to develop new features for the online platform and expand the team.,h_192,al_c,q_85,usm_0.66_1.00_0.01,enc_auto/1eaf48_f9806637e42a45b380c5baebea666748~mv2.png

What: Araïko (formerly Cynapps) helps small and medium-sized businesses deploy AI and data solutions.

Why: Many sectors, particularly industrial and agricultural, struggle with digital transformation.

Funding: €3 million
Who: Co-Founders are CTO Colin Bernet and CEO Fayçal Rezgui

Investors: OKTEO

What's next: The company will use the money to grow its team from 10 to 24 and expand into new verticals.

Arnaud GIULIANI on LinkedIn: Freelance - Mid-Senior Dev Web - ReactJs |  Notion

What: Kotzilla has developed a suite of software architecture tools to simplify the management of the mobile app lifecycle.

Why: As the use of mobile apps continues to explode, companies must deliver a positive and reliable mobile experience to remain competitive. Kotzilla's services help optimize mobile app performance while eliminating much of the complexity around production, deployment, and management.

Funding: $2 million
Who: Co-Founders are Arnaud Giuliani and Michaël Montoya

Investors: Serena, Evolem, and Business Angels

What's next: Kotzilla will use the funding to develop new platform features and expand its enterprise offerings.