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Hot seed deals 🔥: Phospho, Minitrucks Robotics, Prolong, Crealo

AI and automation continue to be hot sectors, but the circular economy and health tech attracted early-stage investors.

Prolong co-founders (left to right): Thibaud Courtoison, Henri Bouxin, Tanguy Frécon, Sarah Setti.
Prolong co-founders (left to right): Thibaud Courtoison, Henri Bouxin, Tanguy Frécon, Sarah Setti.

What: Phospho, a platform that monitors interactions between Large Language Model applications and their users.

Why: To provide LLM App developers and product teams with consolidated metrics and product analytics allowing them to detect problems and improve the conversational experience.

Funding: €1.7 million
Who: Co-Founders, Paul-Louis Venard & Pierre-Louis Biojout

 ‌Investors: Elaia, Y Combinator & several business angels: Julien Chaumond (Hugging Face CTO), Abou Laraki (Monk AI CEO), Mehdi Ghissassi (Director of Product at Google Deepmind) & Nicolas Schul (Mistral AI product developer).
What's Next: The first funding round will go towards expanding Phospho’s team and product development to establish Phospho as a leader in the field of product analytics for LLM technologies.

From left to right, Co-founders; Paul-Louis Venard & Pierre-Louis Biojout

What: Minitrucks Robotics, a manufacturer of radio-controlled vehicles for transporting and handling heavy loads.

Why: To provide industry workers with ultra-compact trucks to transport heavy loads in tight spaces.

Funding: €1.5 million
Who: Co-Founders, Frédéric Perrot & Marc Cusset

Investors: Demeter
What's Next: The new cash will be used to fuel the company's growth and finance a new line of products.

What: Prolong, an after-sales "care and repair" B2B SaaS platform for maintenance and repair services.

Why: To provide its fashion industry clients with a white-label solution to coordinate the maintenance and repair services of their products.

Funding: €1.5 million (Pre-Seed)
Who: Co-Founders Tanguy Frécon, Sarah Setti, Henri Bouxin and Thibaud Courtoison

Investors: Imagination Machine (startup studio), AFI Ventures (Ventech's impact branch) & several impact-focused Business Angels.
What's Next: The new money will enable the startup to strengthen its teams, continue platform development, and accelerate sales, both in terms of geography by targeting international brands and in terms of segments by expanding into jewelry and watchmaking.

What: Crealo, a copyright management SaaS platform.

Why: To automate the management of copyright rights (publishing, music, arts etc.) thereby providing more reliable royalty calculations and smoother royalty payments.

Funding: €1.3 million
Who: Co-Founders Mohammed Belghiti & Najlae Zeitouni

Investors: Kima Ventures, Evolem, 212 Founders, Super Capital, and several Business Angels.
What's Next: The startup will use the funds plans to enhance the quality of its product, foster new partnerships, and expand its workforce.

What: Omena, a support app for menopausal women.

Why: To provide support for menopausal women (only 6% of current femtechs address the issue) advice and information on symptoms and risks.

Funding: €600,000
Who: Co-Founders Mathilde Nême, Hahyeon Park & Jane Douat

Investors: Fair Equity, Club Mozza Angels
What's Next: the femtech will use the funding to expand marketing efforts increasing awareness of menopause in France through campaigns and partnerships with high-profile personalities, as well as continuing engagement with workplaces before attempting European expansion.

Omena co-founders (left to right): Jane Douat, Mathilde Nême, and Hahyeon Park
Omena co-founders (left to right): Jane Douat, Mathilde Nême, and Hahyeon Park.

What: Open Lake Technology, a publisher of IT compliance monitoring software for communication systems

Why: To allow companies to structure their unstructured data, increase their understanding of IT tools, and meet compliance obligations.

Funding: €500,000
Who: Founder Antony Derbès

Investors: Seed4Soft & various Business Angels
What's Next: The cash will be used to develop its goal of becoming a major player in the supervision, usage, and IT compliance for unified communications (UCAAS).

What: Ingraalys, a biotech developing a cell reprogramming strategy for skin rejuvenation.

Why: To research and test reverse cellular aging for skin rejuvenation in the hope of later being able to apply their reverse cellular aging science to the human body as a whole as a means of prolonging life and preventing age-related illnesses.

Funding: €300,000 (pre-seed)
Who: Co-Founders Jean-Marc Lemaitre  & Dr. Claude Chauchard

Investors: Satt AxLR
What's Next: The end of aging (or the world) as we know it?!