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Hot Seed Deals: Sonio, Impact+, Juno, Mon Hangar

AI and AgTech score early-stage support from investors.

Sonio team

What: Sonio has developed augmented AI for prenatal diagnosis and testing.

Why: To improve access to care and quality of care for all pregnant women and children-to-be through AI.

Funding: €13.0 million

Who: Co-founders Cecile Brosset Dubois, Remi Besson, Pr. Yves Ville, Pr. Julien Stirnemann, Dr. Emmanuel Spaggiari, Pr. Stéphanie Allassonière, Pr. Erwan Le Pennec

Investors: Cross-Border Impact Ventures, Elaia, Bpifrance, OneRagtime

What's Next: This funding will allow Sonio to integrate image recognition into the Sonio platform, prepare their entry into the US market and ramp up European sales.

What: Impact+ is a green tech startup looking to reduce the environmental impact of digital advertising.

Why: Because online advertising produces the same yearly quantities of CO2 as some European countries.

Funding: €2 million

Who: Co-founders Vincent Villaret, Marion Cardona, Audrey Danthony

Investors: Elevation Capital Partners

What's Next: The company will use the new funds to further develop their platform, finance their R&D and fuel their international expansion.

What: Mon Hangar is an online service enabling farmers to rent their unused buildings and land.

Why: To help generate extra revenue for farmers whilst rendering existing unused spaces useful on a local level

Funding: €1.5 million

Who: founder Joris Baco

Investors: Bpifrance (Centre Val-de-Loire), Business angels & family office investors

What's Next: Developing their website and recruiting new talents to help them grow.

What: Juno develops operations/management software for factories.

Why: To increase the productivity of European factories by digitalizing their operational processes and enabling full and real-time traceability of field data.

Funding: €3 million

Who: Founders Reda Arslane Ouafi, Thibaud Godillot

Investors: Bpifrance, MAIF Avenir, Oss Ventures, Business Angels

What's Next: Accelerating their growth by recruiting new talents, developing new product features by integrating machine learning and AI and expanding into European and international markets