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Hot Seed Deals: Oorion, Ügo, Bobbee, And Hubflo

Backoffice SaaS platforms and consumer digital tools raised early rounds.

Oorion co-founders Stéphanie Robieux and Thomas Brisson
Oorion co-founders Stéphanie Robieux and Thomas Brisson

What: Oorion has developed a mobile app to help the visually impaired

Why: To help those with low vision identify and reach objects within a short distance using their smartphone cameras.

Funding: €300,000

Who: Co-founders Stéphanie Robieux and Thomas Brisson

Investors: French Tech, Emergence de France, Louis Bonduelle

What's Next:  Oorion will translate their free app, already available in English and French, into Arabic, Spanish, and German. Ahead of the 2024 Olympic games, the startup is currently in talks with several hotel groups and supermarket chains looking to better help customers with sight difficulties.

What: ügo is an all-in-one software solution for website building.

Why: To help shopkeepers and local businesses reinforce their online presence

Funding: €500,000

Who: Co-founders Amandine Montet and Quentin Giraud

Investors: Florent Mercier, Crédit Agricole Loire Haute Loire, and the Webqam group

What's Next:  This funding will help the startup double down on its sales effort, build brand awareness, and create new online tools for its clients.

What: Bobee is a platform solution for accounting firms and entrepreneurs

Why: To automate financial data, making it easier to manage and do away with tedious, low-value tasks by offering a series of connected smart features

Funding: €1.2 million

Who: Co-founders Marie-France Pedroni, Eric Sellem, and Frank Lascombes‌
Investors: Several Business Angels (undisclosed), including Jean-Luc Lénart

What's Next:  Bobee will use the new funds to boost its commercial operations and strengthen its market presence

‌‌What: Hubflo is an all-in-one task management solution for SMEs (billing, project management, CRM...).

Why: To make everyday life easier for SMEs.

Funding: €2 million

Who: Hakim Zerhouni and Fabien Akunda
‌‌Investors: Seedcamp, Hummingbird Ventures, Kima Ventures, and several Business Angels, including Charles Songhurst (ex-Microsoft), Nicolas Reboud (Shine), and Michael Pennington (Gumtree).

What's Next: Hubflo will use the funds to accelerate commercialization and deploy its solution throughout Europe by the end of the year.