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Spotlight Interview: GENCI Chief Quantum Projects Officer Sabine Mehr

Mehr: "I think what differentiates France is how dynamic the ecosystem is can see the will to work together on this and to be successful together."

France loves acronyms. And that means if one wades into the pool of academia, research, and government here, it can quickly start to look like alphabet soup. GENCI. HPC. CEA.

But wade in we must if we are to understand the details of the French Quantum Strategy initiative, a €1.8 billion plan announced in 2021 by the Macron government to develop public and private quantum computing projects. 

As part of my recent reporting on France's ecosystem for Sifted, GENCI Chief Projects Officer Sabine Mehr graciously walked me through these acronyms to help me understand how all the pieces fit together.

You can find more details on many of the organizations and projects mentioned during our conversation in the French Quantum Landscape that we published today.

The following is an edited transcript of our interview:

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