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Spotlight Interview: Partech Partner Rémi Said

"If we can tackle 15 of the most pressing challenges that the world is currently facing and build champions capable of solving these issues on a global level within the next 4-6 years then that will be my ultimate dream come true."

Partech General Partner Rémi Said
Partech General Partner Rémi Said

Rémi Said made a bold move in May last year, leaving Bain Capital to spearhead Partech Impact—a pioneering fund dedicated to investing in and scaling impact-driven tech companies at the growth level. He is now Co-Founder and Co-Head of the new fund, and a General Partner at Partech.

Partech is a global investment platform. Founded by BNP Paribas in San Francisco in 1982, Partech manages a whole range of funds across five different sectors - Seed, Venture, Africa, Growth, and now, impact - and circa $2.5 billion in assets under management. Present in 40 countries across 4 continents, with 220 American, European, and African portfolio companies to its name, the investor prides itself on its pioneering DNA. 

With Partech Impact's recent first closing at €150 million and an ambitious goal of reaching €300 million by the end of 2024, we sat down with Said to delve into the purpose and potential impact Partech’s brand-new growth-focused impact fund aims to make.

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