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Spotlight Interview: Poolside Co-Founders Jason Warner And Eiso Kant

The GenAI startup made big news when it decided to move its HQ to Paris. While the company has been in stealth mode, the co-founders recently explained their vision for transforming the way software is created.

Poolside co-founders Jason Warner (left) And Eiso Kant
Poolside co-founders Jason Warner (left) And Eiso Kant

Former Githhub CTO Jason Warner made a big splash earlier this year when he announced he was leaving Redpoint Ventures to launch a new GenAI startup called Poolside. Co-founded with Eiso Kant, the company wants to leverage language learning models to create a platform that can write software.

The company made even bigger headlines when it raised a $126 million Seed Round and decided to move its headquarters to Paris. French startup godfather Xavier Niel led the round with US VC Felicis.

Last week. Niel's cloud computing company Scaleway organized a big AI conference at Station F. And while Poolside has largely been media shy, Warner and Kant were featured speakers. The co-founders explained their vision for how AI is going to transform the creation of software and how they intend to build a platform to enable that. They also see software as a starting point for creating AI models that can eventually be used to reinvent a wide range of industries.

The following is an edited transcript of their conversation:

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