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Spotlight interview: Techstars Paris Program Manager Rebecca Ravenni

"Techstars Sustainability Paris invests in founders addressing some of the most significant challenges of our time, such as water, energy, or waste management."

TechStars Paris Program Manager Rebecca Ravenni
TechStars Paris Program Manager Rebecca Ravenni

As always, France Digitale Day last month provided the perfect opportunity to catch up with the movers and shakers who gravitate in and around France’s increasingly dynamic tech scene. Despite being a French event, there also seems to be an increasing number of international investors checking in each year. One such entity is the famous accelerator and international business network, Techstars.

We sat down with Techstars Paris’ program manager, Rebecca Ravenni, to get her take on the French tech scene and what international investors like Techstars feel it has to offer.

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