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The Big Deals 💣: Imagino, Gireve, Supervizor & More!

Vizcab and Continuity also raised as SaaS, Data, and AI remained money magnets.

Imagino Co-Founders (l to r): Arnaud Chapis, Thomas Boudalier, and Stéphane Dehoche.
Imagino Co-Founders (l to r): Arnaud Chapis, Thomas Boudalier, and Stéphane Dehoche.

What: Imagino, a Customer Data Platform for marketers.

Why: To provide brands with clear and actionable insights to enhance their marketing campaigns and improve ROI.

Funding: €25 million
Who: Co-Founders Stéphane Dehoche, Arnaud Chapis and Thomas Boudalier

Investors: Cathay Innovation & henQ

What's Next: The new money will enable the startup to accelerate its growth in the UK and support its US launch.  

What: Gireve, a digital platform for electric charging interoperability.

Why: To connect e-charging operators through its digital platform to enable roaming charging and facilitate contractual exchanges between different operators. The startup also provides data and analysis on charging stations and driver behaviors to government bodies and private actors.

Funding: €20 million
Who: Chairman Eric Plaquet

Investors: Partech (impact fund) & Demeter 
What's Next: The new cash will go towards powering the platform’s European and international expansion and developing new services such as Plug & Charge and Clearing. It will also enable the company to expand its range of data and consulting solutions. 

Supervizor | Continuous Quality Assurance For Finance

What: Supervizor, a quality assurance platform for accounting teams

Why: To help error-proof accounting and curb fraud, building a world where accounting can be trusted.

Funding: €15 million
Who: Co-Founders Alban Clot & Cyrille de Gastines

Investors: Orange Ventures, Wille Finance, La Maison Partners, NewAlpha Asset Management, Adelie, ISAI

What's Next: The new cash will go towards fuelling the company's US expansion.

What: Continuity, a specialist in data exploitation for professional insurers and businesses.

Why: To provide insurers with a deep understanding of risks through open data and AI, allowing for comprehensive coverage of the subscription process.

Funding: €10 million
Who: Co-Founders Pierre Beauhaire & Benoît Pastorelli

Investors: 115K (Banque Postale's investment fund), Elaia, and Bpifrance Digital Venture

What's Next: The new funding will go towards accelerating its growth by enriching its technological offer and expanding into the UK and Spain with the goal of becoming a key player in the highly strategic market of insurance products for businesses.

ARTICLE - Vizcab lève 1,6 million d'euros au service de l'impact carbone de  la construction-RSE DATA NEWS - informations RSE - news et data ESG DD  Environnement Finance durable Gouvernance CSR

What: Vizcab, a SaaS solution for construction and real estate professionals

Why: To help them understand and reduce the carbon impact of their projects.

Funding: €4.5 million
Who: Co-Founders Guillaume Lafont & Thomas Jusselme

Investors: Brick & Mortar Ventures , Global Brain Corporation, KOMPAS VC, Rise PropTech Fund, CEMEX Ventures, Altur Investissement, A/O & la Banque des Territoires.

What's Next: Vizcab will use the money to continue developing its tools and platform, to support construction professionals and "catalyze the energy-carbon transition in construction, making it profitable for the entire industry."