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This is a new feature. The idea is to highlight one pre-seed or seed funding of a company that future investors or potential employees will want to have on their radars. Send your nominations to me at:

Kicking things off: Kipoya

What: This EdTech startup has created an app that uses social media applications as an incentive to gets kids to study. Parents can use the app to lock access to social media apps on their kids' phones. They can then set study tasks that must be completed before access can be regained.

Why: Teenagers spend on average 2 hours 40 minutes each day on social and gaming apps. The company wants to leverage this to motivate better study habits and more productive digital time.

Who: Co-founders are Pierre Favre and Thomas Handschuch.

Seed round: €200,000

Investors: The startup has just finished the accelerator program at WeRaiseStartup overseen by Claude Boulot and Tom Rousselot. The associated fund, WeLikeAngels Business Angels, subsequently made the investment this week.

Next: Finding partnerships with educators to further develop the app's mechanics.