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Seed Of The Week: Lumos Apps

Lumos Apps is reinventing the way mobile apps are developed and published as competition becomes more intense.

What: Lumos Apps is a publisher that has developed prediction and automation technologies to help developers improve the quality and discoverability of their mobile apps.

Why: The mobile app market is now valued at $260 billion and the competition among developers is fierce. As such, simply having great content is not enough to stand out. Lumos helps to manage and optimize the production process so publishers can focus on their content. Lumos' tools leverage predictive and AI
technologies to improve User Experience (UX), User Acquisition (UA), App Store Optimization (ASO), marketing campaigns, and monetization. This in turn reduces the resources a developer needs to produce their app while improving its chances of hitting the top of the app charts.

Who: Co-founders are Vincent Hart de Keating (former co-founder of Homa Games) and Damien Soulard.

Seed Round: $1.8m (€1.6m)

Investors: Breega and Bpifrance

Next: The company will continue to develop its platform, invest in R&D, and grow its international team.