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Today in French venture capital:, Splio, Displayce, Shapr, F-Reg, Skello, Marché Privé

Meet the seven French startups that together just raised $20 million. Calling itself the “Google of rights,” this Paris-based startup announced it has raised $2.2 million to expand its legal search engine. The company says it uses artificial intelligence to help lawyers search and monitor legal filings and information. Two of the founders spent time in Silicon Valley before returning to Paris, and half the team is still in the San Francisco Bay Area. The investment round was led by Otium Venture.

DisplayceThis Bordeaux-based startup raised $936,000 to develop its advertising service for large digital screens in public spaces. Founded in 2014, investors include 3A Venture, Boss Corp, a group of business angels dubbed Finaqui, Bpifrance, Aquitaine Booting, and New Aquitaine Regional Council. (Read more here in La Tribune.)

Shapr’s team

Shapr: This group of French entrepreneurs is split between New York, Paris and London. The company has raised $4.41 million to develop its Tinder-like application that matches users with people that could inspire them or provide mentorship in their careers. The company had previously raised $3.42 million through a combination of venture capital and crowdfunding. The money was raised from a consortium of private investors that includes BlaBlaCar co-founder Nicolas Brusson.(Read more here in Frenchweb.)

Splio: This Paris-based Saas startup has raised $11 milllion to build out is online “customer experience” platform for retailers. Investors include Digital Ambition Fund (managed by Bpifrance under the Future Investment Program led by the Commissariat-General for investment), BNP Paribas Développement and Amundi Private Equity Funds. Splio was founded in 2001 and has until now bootstrapped itself.

F-Reg: Tucked away down in Nice, this startup raised $440,000 to develop its system that helps regulate urban drainage systems more efficiently to allow cities avoid flooding during heavy rains. Investors include Angels Bay Invest , BPI and the Entrepreneurship Network.

Skello: This Paris-based startup raised $330,000 for its restaurant management platform. Restaurants can schedule employees, handle payroll, and communicate with staff via Skello. (Read more here on Frenchweb.)

Marché Privé: Located up in Rouen, this startup raised $660,000 for its service that helps users find deals with local merchants. (Read more here on Maddyness.)