Podcast: Lydia Joins France's Unicorn Squad

Lydia just raised $100 million to become France's latest unicorn. CEO Cyril Chiche spoke with us earlier this year about the Fintech startup's journey.

Dec 8, 2021   •   1 min read

By Chris O'Brien
Lydia co-founders Cyril Chiche (left) and Antoine Porte

Photo: Lydia co-founders Cyril Chiche (left) and Antoine Porte. Courtesy of Lydia

Lydia has raised a $100 million round to become France's latest unicorn. That follows the €110 the company raised in 2020 to position itself as a European super app for financial services.

Founded almost 8 years ago, the French financial app has traveled an enormous distance to this moment. While Lydia has become immensely popular in France, the company wants to become a European super-app. It now offers digital payments, donations, loans, checking accounts, payment cards, and other services.

More recently, the company struck a deal with Bitpanda to allow users to trade stocks and cryptocurrency via its app.

Earlier this year, Cyril Chiche, co-founder and CEO of Lydia, spoke with us on the French Tech News podcast about the startup's history and his ambitions for its future.

"We're not there yet," Chiche said. "We're just building this building block by building block."

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